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Age Group Coordinators

Contact age group coordinator below with questions about your child's age group, including team assignment and coaching.

Grade K-3 In-town Program for Spring 2019
Grade 3 Director: Guido Buchbinder
Grade K-2 Director: Philippe Gabriel

Kindergarten Boys: Katherine MacRostie
Kindergarten Girls:
Ashley Delahunty
Grade 1 Boys:
Adrian Kwan
Grade 1 Girls: Maura Gerhart
Grade 2 Boys: Scott Winslow
Grade 2 Girls:  Chrissy Brown
Grade 3 Boys:   Guido Buchbinder

Grade 3 Girls:   Sean Riley

Spring 2019 Grade 4-8 Travel Teams 
Boys Travel Director: Martin Zinny
Girls Travel Director: Tory Moore

4th Grade Girls:  John Dyer
5th Grade Girls:  Ben Scirica
6th Grade Girls:  Tara Ventura
7th Grade Girls: Derek Burnham
8th Grade Girls: Joe Feingold

4th Grade Boys: Katy Wallace
5th Grade Boys:  Michel de Fontaine

6th Grade Boys: Jennifer Campanella
7th Grade Boys: 
Ginger Braccia
8th Grade Boys: Peter Monsen

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