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Age Group Coordinators

Contact age group coordinator below with questions about your child's age group, including team assignment and coaching.
For Registration questions, email admin at wellesleysoccer.org

Spring 2022 Grade PreK-3
Intown Director Grade Pre-K-1: Betsy Fisher- betsyc80 at gmail.com
Intown Director Grade 2-3: Ashley Delahunty-  ashdelahunty at gmail.com

Pre-K Boys: Betsy Fisher- betsyc80 at gmail.com
Pre-K Girls: Cristina O'Brien- obrien.cristina at gmail.com
Kindergarten Boys: Caroline Pope-  harvey.caroline at gmail.com

Kindergarten Girls: Megan Keefe
meganeconley at gmail.com
Grade 1 Boys: Ryan Dow-  RDow at baupost.com
Grade 1 Girls:  Livia Madden
-  liviamadden at gmail.com

Grade 2 Boys: Sean Riley-  sean.riley6 at gmail.com
Grade 2 Girls:
Catie Smith-  catie.lee.smith at gmail.com
Grade 3 Boys:
Katherine MacRostie-  kmacrostie@gmail.com
Grade 3 Girls: Ashley Delahunty
-   ashdelahunty at gmail.com

Spring 2022 Grade 4-8 Travel Teams 
Boys Travel Director: Martin Zinny-  mzinny at gmail.com
Girls Travel Director: Tory Moore-  moorebt at verizon.net

4th Grade Girls: Jim Tuxbury-  jtuxbury at yahoo.com
5th Grade Girls: Jamie Gordon
-  jamie.a.gordon at gmail.com
6th Grade Girls:  Ariel Duddy-  ariel.duddy at gmail.com
7th Grade Girls:  John Dyer-  jkdyer2 at gmail.com

8th Grade Girls:  Tory Moore-  moorebt at verizon.net

4th Grade Boys: Livia Madden-  liviamadden at gmail.com
5th Grade Boys: Martin Zinny-  mzinny at gmail.com

6th Grade Boys:
Sarah Byrne-  sepireland at yahoo.com

7th Grade Boys: Katy Wallace-  katywallace at verizon.net
8th Grade Boys:  Peter Monsen-  peter.monsen at gmail.com

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