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1 on 1 and Small Group Training

For more program details and to schedule, please contact Chris Howard at wuscdoc at wellesleysoccer.org

Wellesley United Soccer Club has partnered with 1on1Soccer INC to provide the players of Wellesley the opportunity to advance their individual skills. 

1on1 Sessions

Training with 1on1Soccer INC provides any Wellesley player the opportunity to receive focused technical training in a positive learning environment. Every session is adapted to meet the level of the player ensuring your child improves at the maximum rate.

Small Group Training 

In this environment we can focus primarily on technical skill development and small group tactical skills. This option allows for the addition of pressure and the use of other players to help in the learning process.

GK Training

This is a focused training experience for those wanting to improve on their skills between the posts. These sessions can be designed for those players that are experiencing GK for the first time or those that have chosen to make this their desired position. 

Pricing Structure

   1 Session  3 Sessions  6 Sessions
1 player  $70 $195 $360
2 players  $100 $280 $540
3 players $120 $315 $730
4+ players * $35 $30 $25
* 4+ players will be priced at a per person rate                                                                


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