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Wellesley Premier League FAQ's


  • What is Wellesley Premier League?

The Premier League is a new in-town “club-style” program that focuses on fostering a passion for soccer in a competitive and fun environment. It is a great option for providing your child with advanced training right here in Wellesley.

  • My child plays a lot of soccer already, why should I sign him/her up for more?

We understand that your child is busy and has lots of other commitments beyond soccer. We are proponents of kids playing lots of different sports and not just focusing on one. However, with more and more kids wanting to play more soccer each season, we thought it was time to offer an additional option. We know that this new Premier Program is not designed for everyone and there should be no pressure to sign up. In fact, we designed this program to reduce family stress by providing an option for kids who want to play more soccer to stay in Wellesley and to play with their friends. By providing professional coaches, they are able to develop their skills in an environment that focuses on the enjoyment of the game.

  • What is special about the WPL?

The program will focus on technical development and learning game like situations in functional and situational sessions. This Program will be staffed with coaches from the New England Revolution (The Revolution Academy). The ratio of player to coach will be small enough to ensure that all players are given the skills, tactical awareness and mental focus to take their game to the next level. There will be 2 sessions per week (only 1 for K-2nd grade) which gives each player the opportunity to get even more time with a ball and will enable them to get more playing time.

  • What will the format of the sessions be?

The format will focus on balancing the appropriate amount of fun-based technical development with enjoyment of a real game each session. Our professional coaches will spend a certain amount of time each session teaching technical skills to the group and the remainder of the session will consist of real games in an English Premier League-like setting. Early on in the season, we will divide the kids into balanced teams representing English Premier League teams. Each week, they will play a game against their friends representing another English Premier League team in a league format. Given that the format includes games each session, it is very important that children commit to attending both sessions.  Each child will receive a full uniform (shirts, shorts and socks).

  • Will this conflict with the 3rd grade in-town or 4th grade travel season?

To participate in the program you must be signed up for the 2nd or 3rd grade in town season or the BAYS eason.  This Wellesley Premier League should not in any way interfere with the team programs. In-town/Travel coaches will do their best not to schedule practices that conflict with the practice schedule of the Premier League. There are no weekend games scheduled for this new program so there will not be any conflict on weekends.

  • Can my son/daughter just attend 1 session per week because we have other commitments?

As mentioned above, the format of the program involves both technical training and games each session.  Therefore, in order to successfully run the simulated “Premier League” competition, the program requires children to commit to attending both sessions each week. 

  • How much does it cost?

Dependent on grade, the cost of the Premier League is either $200 or $365 or $730 per season. This fee is significantly lower than the price charged by local soccer clubs and will cover all expenses associated with having dedicated professional coaches, field and equipment expenses for the 16 practices offered and the cost of the uniform.  Wellesley United Soccer Club is a non-profit entity and it is our mission to develop players, coaches and referees. 

  • How to Register?

All current Wellesley United Soccer players are invited to signup to join the Wellesley Premier League. To register you must be signed up in that season for either the In-Town WUSC program or the BAYS Travel teams.  Register soon because we have limited capacity.

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