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Winter 2018 Academy Indoor Soccer Training 

WUSC Director of Coaching, Dale Carr, is pleased to announce the details for Winter 2018 WUSC Academy training programs. These are open to any players who live in Wellesley or attend school in Wellesley.  The Winter Academy Training Program provides opportunities for dedicated and driven players within WUSC to experience professional coaching in a challenging and positive development environment. 

Why have Winter Academy Programs?

Player development is our number one priority at WUSC. We understand that no two players will develop at the same rate – the Academy creates an environment where players are set individual and collective challenges and given the tools required to succeed.

The Academy programs also provide players with increased ball contact time – more touches on the ball results in significant player improvement.

We will be using a Futsal curriculum to further enhance the skill level of our WUSC players. Developed in Brazil and Uruguay in the 1930s, Futsal has been the architect of some of the finest creations ever to grace the world of soccer. From the staggeringly skillful legends of the game such as Pele to the fleet- footed Neymar, Futsal has been the driving force of South American Soccer success for decades.

The game is a variant of Soccer which is played on smaller fields with less players and smaller balls. Yet, this condensed version of Soccer facilitates more touches on the ball for each player and encourages teams to pass and dribble their way to success. Usually played indoors, Futsal offers a great opportunity for players to hone their skills regardless of the weather. In addition, the techniques learned from Futsal are directly transferable to the game of Soccer.

Winter Academy Program Schedule:

Cost:    $200- Grade 3-8

             $200- Kindergarten

             $200- Pre-K

             $200- Grade 1 & 2 

             $200- Goalkeeping session

When:  Weekdays for 9 weeks, starting week of Jan. 8th, ending week of March 12th (no sessions on Feb. 20-24 due to public school vacation.) 

WhereBoston Sports Club (BSC) -140 Great Plain Ave, Wellesley, MA, 02482 & Longfellow Sports Club - 203 Oak St, Natick,MA 01760, Hunnewell Elementary - 28 Cameron Street, Wellesley, MA 02482.     


Age Group Day Time Location Start Date Cost Status
Pre-K Boys Wednesday 1-2pm Longfellow 10th January $200 2 spots
Pre-K Girls Wednesday 1-2pm BSC 10th January $200 6 spots
Kindergarten Boys Wednesday 2-3pm Longfellow 10th January $200 FULL
Kindergarten Boys Thursday 4-5pm BSC 11th January $200 FULL
 Kindergarten Boys Wednesday 3-4pm Hunnewell 10th January $200 FULL
Kindergarten Girls Wednesday 2-3pm BSC 10th January $200 FULL
Kindergarten Girls Wednesday 2-3pm Hunnewell 11th January $200 FULL
1st Grade Boys Wednesday 3-4pm Longfellow 10th January $200 FULL
1st Grade Girls Wednesday 3-4pm BSC 10th January $200 FULL
2nd Grade Boys Monday 4-5pm BSC 8th January $200 FULL
2nd Grade Boys Thursday 5-6pm BSC 11th January $200 FULL
2nd Grade Boys Wednesday 4-5pm Hunnewell 10th January $200 FULL
2nd Grade Girls Tuesday 4-5pm BSC 9th January $200 FULL
3rd Grade Boys Wednesday 4-5pm BSC 10th January $200 FULL
3rd Grade Girls Tuesday 5-6pm BSC 9th January $200 FULL
3rd Grade Girls Tuesday 6-7pm Upham 9th January $200 FULL
3rd Grade Girls Thursday 6-7pm BSC 11th January $200 FULL
4th Grade Boys Friday 4-5pm BSC 12th January $200 FULL
NEW: 7/8th Grade Girls* Monday 5:30-6:30pm Longfellow 8th January $200 5 spots
4th Grade Girls Friday 5-6pm BSC 12th January $200 FULL
3rd & 4th Grade Girls Friday 5:30-6:30pm Longfellow 12th January $200 5 Spots
5th Grade Boys Monday 5-6pm BSC 8th January $200 2 spots
5th Grade Girls Monday 6-7pm BSC 8th January $200 1 spot
6/7th Grade Boys Friday 6-7pm BSC 12th January $200 9 spots
6th-7th Grade Girls Wednesday 5-6pm BSC 10th January $200 6 spots
7/8th Grade Boys Monday 7:30-8:30pm Longfellow 8th January $200 FULL
7/8th Grade Girls* Monday 6:30-7:30pm Longfellow 8th January $200 FULL
Goalkeeper 3rd/4th Grade Thursday 5:30-6:30pm Longfellow 11th January $200 1 spot
Goalkeeper 5th/6th Grade Thursday 6:30-7:30pm Longfellow 11th January $200 6 spot
Goalkeeper 7th/8th Grade Thursday 7:30-8:30pm Longfellow 11th January $200 5 spots

The first 12-14 players registered for each session will be accepted (depending on location). Goalkeeping and Pre-K will be limited to 12 players per session.
* You can sign up for wait list by registering for the program that is full, and will not be asked to make payment until off wait list.  If sessions fill up we will look to put on another session depending on numbers on the wait list so please join the wait list if desired session is full.

Click Here to Register

BSC Parent Release Form - required from each player in sessions at Boston Sports Club.  Please print and bring to first session.

Refund Policy:  Full refund (less admin fee) up to Nov. 30, 2017., 50% refund up to Dec. 15, 2017, no refund after Dec. 15

Program questions:  Email Dale Carr at: programs@wellesleysoccer.org

Registration questions:  Email Sue DeNatale at:  wellesleysoccer@comcast.net

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