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Player Evaluation Forms

Head coaches and assistant coaches grade 2: Please rank order your players with no duplicates.  Both head and assistant coaches should fill out a form.  Do not rank your own child.
Return form to admin at wellesleysoccer.org  by Dec. 1.

Grade 2 Evaluation Form

Head coaches and assistant coaches grades 3-8:  Please read instructional letter below from DOC on how to complete the evaluation spreadsheet for your team.  Use the Player Developmental Matrix as a guideline for quantifying your evaluation.  When complete, email to your evaluation to Sue DeNatale (admin at wellesleysoccer.org) and your Age Group Coordinator by Dec. 1.  Each head and assistant coach needs to complete the evaluation for your team.  Coaches should not rate their own child.
Grade 3-8 Evaluation Form

Player Development Matrix for Grade 3-8 Evaluation  (please review this document to help quantify your evaluations)

Player Evaluation Letter and Instructions from DOC:
Dear Head and Assistant Coaches,
Please find attached the evaluation spreadsheet for your team. The purpose of this evaluation is to give us some more information in the build up to both tryouts and to team placements within BAYS.  For 3rd grade, we will use these ratings to draft more equally balanced teams for the spring.  Our aim is to make sure that we continue to make sure that all players are placed appropriately for their development and in turn those teams are placed in appropriate BAYS sections/leagues to enable them to compete and succeed at the right level.  We have made a document "Wellesley Player Model - Development Matrix" that can help with player evaluations, giving you expected skill levels in the Technical, Tactical, Psychological/Social and Physical parts of the game. The evaluation form goes into specific aspects of these 4 categories.

On the Player Evaluation Form you will see:
These will go from 0-5 with an explanation for you to see on each mark and why you are giving that rating to them.
This will allow you to put in the player's name and their score for each category.  The total score will be the sum of all the scores in the categories and will derive your overall player ranking within the team. In the cases where there is a tie, we ask that you break that tie and give us the higher rated player (placing them above the other player in the spreadsheet).
Player Commitment
When you get to the end of the scoring row, there are columns for attendance at games and percentage of practices attended (rough estimate). We need to know this in order to assess if player should be taking a spot on a stratified team and/or how the commitment level across the entire team impacts the team size you need to carry.
Please make sure that you have made comments on the players so that this can be used to further help us with placing players.
Description of areas that you are marking- these are at the bottom of the spreadsheet and this should be read before you start to mark your players.
Please make sure that everyone gets an overall mark. There should not be any ties on your team. Please be honest with your marks and as fair as possible. You as coaches see the players more than anyone and your input is valued very much.

Head and Assistant Coaches
To ensure that we minimize bias and any perception of it, we ask that you only evaluate players on the team that are not your son or daughter.

Coaches, your responses to this evaluation process are very important. All coaches that fill these evaluations in and have them sent back to the club will be able to attend the team pick meetings in the Fall/Spring (depending on your age group) failure to have these sent in will see you forfeit that chance to speak on behalf of your players at these meetings.

Dale Carr

Travel Program Director | Wellesley United Soccer Club


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