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We have decided to change the way we do tryouts here at Wellesley United Soccer Club. Because of a number of reasons (listed below) we are now having a tryout in the Fall as well as the Spring. This will give us a better overall look at our players over the course of the year, rather then a snap shot of them in an already over scheduled Spring season. This will NOT be a tryout to change your childs team for the Spring, consider it the same as the Spring but held over a longer period of time.

Reason why we have changed:

  • Reduced Pressure: Instead of participating in 2 tryouts in a small period of time, the kids will now have the sessions spread over the course of both seasons. This gives players the opportunity to work on their game and improve over a period of time.
  • Improved Scheduling/Logistics: Spring season is a very busy time during which many WUSC players participate in multiple sports. This made scheduling two separate tryouts during times that worked for all players in all age groups virtually impossible. Moving the first tryout to the fall season will allow for greater scheduling flexibility.
  • Better Experience: With this additional flexibility, we hope to avoid scheduling tryouts that closely follow games. It can be difficult for a player to show his or her best during a tryout shortly after playing a game. And we hope that eliminating one of the spring sessions will help make things easier for the parents.
  • Enhanced Tryout Data: Having evaluation data from the fall and spring will provide WUSC with information on how players are improving during the year.

The tryouts in the Fall will all be in a one week period (Boys week 1, Girls week 2). These will be staged throughout the week with different grades on different days. You can find the schedule for the Fall tryouts listed below. There will be no Fall tryouts for our 3rd grade teams, there will still be 2 for them in the Spring. We will also run goalkeeper tryouts in the Spring only. To be considered for a stratified team for the Fall 2020/Spring 2021 seasons you must sign up and attend the tryouts. Results from all tryouts will not be shared until the Spring.

You must register for both the Fall/Spring Tryouts at least 48 hours ahead of attending tryouts. Tryout fee is $25, this will cover both tryouts (Fall and Spring). Registration will open on Sept 20th.  You should register for your child's current grade.

FIELD PLAYER TRYOUTS (scroll down for schedule)
All fall grade 4-7 players who want to be considered for a stratified team should attend the 2 tryouts in both the Fall and Spring. Rising 8th grade players will have a tryout in the Fall and the Spring. We are sorry but cannot offer any makeup sessions. If a player has a prior conflict that prevents them from attending a tryout, you should contact the Age Group Coordinator BEFORE the tryout.   Remember, it is not necessary to attend tryouts to play on a balanced team. 
There is a separate Goalkeeper Tryout for players who want to try out for Goalkeeper position in addition to field player tryout. You must attend field player tryout in order to tryout for goalkeeper.   If a player attends the GK tryout and makes a stratified team as a GK (this will be communicated to parent & coach), he/she is required to play 50% of each game in goal as a minimum for the team that they are assigned to.  Select the Option for 'Regular Tryout + Goalkeeper Tryout'  when you register for tryouts. (no additional fee charged for GK tryout).

All the town-based programs in MA will maintain a grade based age group as we followed this year.
Please check back with this schedule the day before your tryout to confirm location and time.  And, while unlikely, the club may need to change the tryout dates if fields are no longer available. You will be emailed if the date is changed and you are signed up for tryout.

Click Here for the Full Tryout Policy

Click Here for Age Group Coordinator Contact Info .


TRYOUT SCHEDULE (Fall Grade) All tryouts will be at Elm Bank

Week 1
Date Time Current Fall 2019 Grade AGC
Mon 21st Oct 4.00-5.30pm 7th

Jennifer Campanella 

Wed 23rd Oct 4.00-5.30pm 6th

Michel de Fontaine

Fr 25th Oct 4.00-5.30pm 5th

Katy Wallace

Sat 26th Oct 4.00-5.30pm 4th

Sarah Byrne


Week 2
Date Time Current Fall 2019 Grade AGC
Mon 4th Nov 3:45-5.00pm 7th

Tara Ventura

Wed 6th Nov 3.45-5.00pm 6th

Ben Scirica

Fri 8th Nov 3.45-5.00pm 5th

John Dyer

Sat 9th Nov 3:45-5.00pm 4th

Doug Schenkel

Goalkeeper Tryouts

Spring Only

All tryouts will be at Elm Bank 

*Make sure to attend tryout for child's grade now.  Elm Bank-check-in at 2nd parking lot, tryouts will be on fields 3 and 4.




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