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Due to the impact COVID-19 has had on soccer this Fall, WUSC have decided to only run tyrouts for our 4th and 3rd grade players. There will be two tryouts for all 4th grade players as mentioned previously to help us stratify teams come the Spring. 3rd grade players will only have one tryout so we can collect some data on them in case we cannot hold tryouts in the Spring of 2021. All other age groups (5th-7th) will not be required to tryout this Fall. We will revisit our options for these age groups next season. Please lookout for information on this in Spring 2021.

The tryouts in the Fall will all be in a two week period. These will be held on Wednesday's, Saturday's and Sunday's with the schedule for the Fall tryouts listed below. There will be no goalkeeper tryouts, these will be held in the Spring only. To be considered for a stratified team you must sign up and attend the tryouts. Results from all tryouts will not be shared until the end of the season when we announce the 4th grade teams.

3rd grade players - for those who attend private schools, if you cannot attend a tryout let us know and we will assess the players on field during their 3rd grade games on Saturdays.

You must register here for Tryouts at least 72 hours ahead of attending, we are trialling a new form of technology for the first time so will need the numbers set. Tryout fee is $25, (3rd grade players - this will cover both Fall and Spring tryouts). Registration will open on Sept 30th.  You should register for your child's current grade.

FIELD PLAYER TRYOUTS (scroll down for schedule)
All fall grade 4 players who want to be considered for a stratified team should attend the 2 tryouts. We are sorry but cannot offer any makeup sessions. If a player has a prior conflict that prevents them from attending a tryout, you should contact the Age Group Coordinator BEFORE the tryout.   Remember, it is not necessary to attend tryouts to play on a balanced team. 
There is a separate Goalkeeper Tryout for players who want to try out for Goalkeeper position in addition to field player tryout. You must attend field player tryout in order to tryout for goalkeeper.  If a player attends the outfield tryout they can notify the assessor on field and we can take note of those who want to be considered in this position. He/she is required to play 50% of each game in goal as a minimum for the team that they are assigned to.  

All the town-based programs in MA will maintain a grade based age group as we followed this year.
Please check back with this schedule the day before your tryout to confirm location and time.  And, while unlikely, the club may need to change the tryout dates if fields are no longer available. You will be emailed if the date is changed and you are signed up for tryout.

Click Here for the Full Tryout Policy

Click Here for Age Group Coordinator Contact Info .


TRYOUT SCHEDULE: All tryouts will be at Elm Bank - please check the time for each tryout as some may vary.

Saturday October 17th, 4.45pm - 6.00pm - 4th Grade Girls

Sunday October 18th, 4.45pm - 6.00pm - 4th Grade Boys

Wednesday October 21st, 2.30pm - 3.45pm - 3rd Grade Boys

Saturday October 24th, 4.45pm - 6.00pm - 4th Grade Girls

Sunday October 25th, 4.45pm - 6.00pm - 4th Grade Boys

Sunday November 8th, 3:00-4:15pm - 3rd Grade Girls

All tryouts will be at Elm Bank 

*Make sure to attend tryout for child's grade now.  Elm Bank-check-in at 2nd parking lot, tryouts will be on fields 3 and 4. All COVID policies will be in place for every tryout. Please make sure your son/daugther is aware of this when attending. 




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