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Hello coaches,

Please remember do not practice in the goal mouths.
Please pick up your trash, leave the field better than you found it.

PRACTICE FIELD RESERVATIONS:  See link below to the practice sign up page (may need to paste into browser):

PRACTICE SCHEDULING INSTRUCTIONS: See link below to the instructions for the practice scheduling software, including account number information: 
    Practice scheduling software instructions

OVERVIEW OF AVAILABLE FIELDS: See link below for a high level overview of field availability and basic information.
    High level overview of fields


  • Only reserve fields you will use and cancel if not using.

  • 1st day for field reservations is March 30th

  • 1 practice per week for 3rd grade

  • 1 practice per week 4th -8th grade (changing to 2 later in the season)

  • Remember you are reserving a section of a field. Specific areas of that field are not reserved. You will need to work out exact location and goal use with other coaches.  For example, if you reserve a field at Elm bank.  3 other Wellesley and 4 other Natick coaches will be practicing at the same time.

If you have any question about practice field or getting one of the Wellesley United Coaches to come to your session please email Dale Carr

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Thank you for coaching.

All the best,


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