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Tournament Rules

36th Annual Wellesley United Soccer Club Invitational Tournament

Memorial Day Weekend, May 27th & 28th, 2017



  1. Except as provided below, F.I.F.A. rules and regulations shall have full force and effect.  The Tournament Directors will provide game balls (size 4).  Protests will not be considered.


  1. A full list of players shall be submitted to the Tournament Directors prior to the playing of the first game.  No player shall have been born prior to August 1, 2006.  Player passes, copies of birth certificates or a copy of a certified roster listing birth dates will be required and must be produced to the Tournament Directors at registration - 1 hour prior to your first game at the fields.  The tournament is for town teams only; district and premier teams will not be registered. 


  1. Teams shall consist of a maximum of 12 players per team.  No team shall field fewer than 5 players.  Any team which fails to field a team within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time for a game shall forfeit the game.


  1. Substitutions shall be allowed after acknowledgment by the referee at the following times:


  1. If one team substitutes on their throw-in, and the other team has substitutes ready, both teams may substitute
  2. Prior to a goal kick by either team;
  3. After a goal by either team;
  4. In the event of an injury after stoppage of play (only the injured player(s) may be substituted for, with the opposing team allowed to substitute a like number of players); and,
  5. At the start of the second half of play.


  1. In the case of injury, the referee will stop play promptly so that the injured player may be attended to if, in the opinion of the referee, significant advantage will not be lost by the opposing team, or the injury warrants immediate attention.
  2. Each round robin game shall have two 25-minute halves, with a 5-minute half time.
  3. All teams will get guarenteed 4 games.
  4. In the case of inclement weather, the Tournament Directors reserve the right to delay or reduce the length of the game.  If the game is discontinued after one half has been completed, then the score will stand as a completed game.  Only the referee or Tournament Directors may cancel or postpone the game.
  5. In the event of a uniform color conflict, the home team (listed first) shall be required to change in the first half, and the visiting team shall be required to change in the second half.  Please bring pinnies or additional uniforms.

Special 7 v. 7 rules:

  1. There will be no offside.
  2. Goal kicks may be taken at any point within the goalie box.
  3. On goal kicks or on goalkeeper saves followed by a throw or punt, the ball must touch the ground or be touched by any player in the defensive half of the field.  Infringement of this rule will result in loss of the ball to the other team.  Play shall resume with an indirect free kick at the mid-field line nearest the point of contact.
  4. Penalty kicks will be taken from a point eight yards directly in front of the midpoint of the goal.  All other players must stand beyond the mid-field line.  The ball is in play once the ball is kicked.
  5. On goal kicks players must retreat back to the half way line.


  1. The tournament has been organized to promote healthy competition between younger players.  It is sincerely hoped that all participants, including players, coaches and fans, will join in positive support of the referees and tournament officials.   Coaches are reminded that they are responsible for the behavior of their players and their fans.  If a player is ejected, he/she shall be ineligible for the next game.  The Tournament Directors reserve the right to disqualify a team from the tournament for misconduct of its coaches, players or fans.


  1. Commemoratives will be awarded to all participants.


12.       Play hard! Play fair! Have fun!


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