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NECSL- New England Club Soccer League

NECSL is the league all of our WPL Club teams play in at it provides a great competitive environment for all of our teams. The league consists of levels of play from development to regional elite leagues. This league is well matched to our growing needs as a club.

PictureThe New England Club Soccer League is commitment to the players and families of New England for the 2020/2021 season and beyond. We are committed and dedicated to working together with clubs and fellow New England and National based organizations to provide as many possible opportunities for players to enjoy playing soccer. 
We commit to support fellow organizations or leagues that are also looking to provide a positive playing environment for the children of New England. We are committed to an #inclusive playing environment for the children of New England.

We believe in modeling positive behavior for the families of New England: #everydayisatryout is not just a hashtag, it is a belief that we need to help each other improve each day through competition, collaboration and transparency #transparent
We commit to providing clubs, players and teams the ability to define the word ELITE through competing on the field while providing the best possible coaching and environment for its players.


We are committed to a governance structure which promotes participation and advancement within the New England Club Soccer League through an objective, consistent and #meritbased pathway.

We are committed to empowering Clubs who realize we need to reset the  values of youth soccer in New England.
We believe clubs have the right to place their teams in the platform they feel represent the values of their club.
We are committed to working with all of the State Youth Soccer Associations in New England as a partner, resource and supporter of all levels of play for the children of New England. 

More information on NECSL you can follow here: NEW ENGLAND CLUB SOCCER LEAGUE | @THENECSL - HOME

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