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BAYS Referee Certification
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To become an "official" referee to do BAYS games you must take a course offered by the MSRC (Massachusetts State Referee Committee).  The course which most youth take is called a Grade 8 license (which has nothing to do with your grade in school).   This is a one day course.  These courses are not held in Wellesley, but several are in surrounding towns.  You can find a list of courses/dates by going to the MSRC web site (www.massref.net).  Grade 8 referees are licensed to referee 7v7 and 9v9 games as well as be Assistant Referees for 11v11 games.  This Grade 8 license serves most high school referees very well. If you take this course and become a certified referee, the Wellesley United Soccer Club will reimburse you for the course cost.

Moving Up to 11v11 Games

To be assigned to referee the 11v11 games you must take the Grade 8 course offered by the MSRC.  This course requires 16 hours of classroom time which is broken down into several days. Our experience is that older referees - 12th graders or adults - have the skill and confidence needed to referee these older players.   If you have your grade 9 license you could sign up for the 'Bridge' course which only requires 8 hours of classroom time.  Again, just visit the MSRC web site (www.massref.net) to sign up for the training courses and then let us know as soon as you're available to referee!

Referee Reimbursement:

Any player within the Wellesley United Soccer Club can take the course to become a qualified referee. They must be 14 years of age as this is the minimum age required by Mass Youth Soccer to officiate at games in BAYS. 

Wellesley United Soccer Club will reimburse any referee that gains their first full referee badge with a full reimbursement of the fees. The new referee will need to send the payment invoice and proof of completion to the Referee Coordinator Chris Howard- 

Wellesley United Soccer Club will also provide the following on completion of their first full badge:

  1. Referee Jersey
  2. Set of flags for use as an AR
  3. Black Sock

The qualified referee will be responsible to provide the following themselves:

  1. Black Shorts
  2. Watch
  3. Red/Yellow Cards
  4. Whistle 

Wellesley United Soccer Club will help pay for the recertification courses in the following way:

  1. 50% Reimbursement for all those in Full Time Education (University/College)
  2. 75% Reimbursement for all those still at High School

Referees in University/College will need to provide a copy of their current transcript alongside their recertification paperwork.

Questions?  Contact our BAYS Referee Coordinator Chris Howard at wuscdoc@wellesleysoccer.org

                      Contact 2nd and 3rd grade Referee Coordinator Chris Howard at wuscdoc@wellesleysoccer.org

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