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In-Town Referee Payment Sheet

All BAYS games must be reported through www.bays.org and are paid by BAYS.


All Intown (2nd & 3rd Grade) and 5th & 6th Grade BAYS Assistant Referee game assignments are paid by WUSC.

Download Pay Sheet


  • Please ensure all required information on pay sheet is legible, completed in full and signed by a coach.
  • Make sure you use a pen that will not smudge if the sheet gets wet.
  • If you are subbing, make sure that you put the name of the referee for whom you are subbing.
  • If it is a make-up a game, and you know when the original game was supposed to take place, please include that information.
  • Include your email address on the pay sheet.
  • You may submit a pay sheet for each game, or put several on a single sheet,or submit all your games together at the end of the season.
  • The mailing address is located on the pay sheet.
  • Incomplete or incorrect pay sheets may be returned to you for completion.
  • If you do not receive a check within three weeks of submitting your pay sheet please Contact Us.

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