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Spring Wellesley Premier League

Spring Wellesley Premier League

WPL Overview

The Wellesley Premier League program is expanding to offer the following program groups for Fall 2019-Spring 2020:

· WPL Juniors for Kindergarten – Grade 1

· WPL for Grades 2-5

· WPL Club for 2010 - 2005 Birth Year

WPL Mission Statement: To develop Wellesley United Soccer Club players looking for high level coaching in a professional environment

Professional training. Simpler logistics. Better results.

This local program offers a more personalized approach to improving your child’s skills while staying focused on fostering a passion for soccer and on the fun of competition, with an ultimate goal of keeping players in the game long-term. By playing with friends, in a competitive AND fun environment, the Wellesley Premier League is a great option for providing your child with advanced training.

The goal of the WPL program is to provide the best soccer development experience for those interested in reaching their maximum potential. In order to do this, the program aims to instill an environment of respect & enthusiasm for the sport of soccer, to promote good sportsmanship and to develop the tactical, technical, psychological and physical elements necessary to be quality WPL soccer players.

The Wellesley Premier League Juniors (WPL Juniors) program and the Wellesley Premier League (WPL) program will offer:

  • Healthy balance between training and playing games 
  • Simpler logistics: Local, local, local ….all sessions will take place during the week and will be located in Wellesley.
  • English Premier League simulated tournament creates a fun, yet competitive environment throughout the season.
  • Reasonable, transparent costs.
  • No try-out.
  • Coaching by NE Rev
  • “Very cool” uniforms provided to all players.
  • This program does not replace or interfere with the in-town Wellesley League or BAYS.
  • All participants of the Premier League are required to participate in the in- town program (grades K-3) or their travel program (grades 4-8)

WPL Juniors (Kindergarten-1st Grade)

WPL 2nd Grade

WPL 3rd Grade

WPL 4th Grade

WPL 5th Grade



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