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Wellesley United at home

Wellesley United at home

WUSC families,

Through this difficult time, our dedicated WUSC coaches have started to piece together some videos for all of our players at all levels/ages to practice at home or in your garden. Each week we will be uploading different content that covers all the fundamentals of the game. These can also be viewed by following our Wellesley United social media outlets, you can find us at @wellesleyunited on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. We also have a new YouTube channel - Wellesley United Soccer Club, visit this to see some great content.



Wellesley Training Turns

Wellesley Dribbling Moves

Wellesley Dribbling Moves Part 1

Dribbling at speed

3 cone drill

Triangle dribbling

Zig-Zag dribbling

Ladder work

Close Control Footwork

Aerial Control

Control and Passing

Dribbling Warm Up

Figure Of 8 Dribbling

Passing Session - Using A Wall

3 x 3 Square Ball Skills

More Dribbling Moves


Fitness and soccer

High intensity ball work part 1

High intensity ball work part 2

Speed Up Your Footwork

Small space training

Backyard Fitness

Soccer Specific Fitness

More Soccer Specific Fitness

Fitness At Home

Coaches Challenges

Juggling Challenges

Show Us Your Colours!

Trash Can Challenge

Round The World Tutorial

Sessions for Goalkeepers

Best practices for goalkeepers

Sessions For InTown Players

Animal Rescue

Spelling Soccer

Race Track

Mini Golf




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