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Calling all Parents and Teens - Get Involved Today!

There are lots of ways to contribute - big and small - so take a look.  You can indicate your area of interest when you register, or just contact us directly.

We need coaches, refs, age group coordinators, marketing/PR experts, fundraisers, writers, webmaster, bookeepers, ad sales people, concessions managers - you name it!

Opportunities On the Field:

  • Coach  or Assistant Coach - you can make a big difference by being an enthusiastic coach.  We provide the training and tools you need to coach your own team with confidence! Contact your Age Group Coordinator to learn more.
  • Referee - a great way to apply your knowledge of soccer to help young players learn the rules of the game.  We help train new refs and we take care of all of the scheduling for you. Click here to learn more.

Opportunities Off the Field:

You don't have to be a soccer player to get involved.  These are great ways for working parents and parents of younger kids to participate.


  • Age Group Coordinator – are you good with people?   The age group coordinators help us organize the teams prior to each season and provide support during the season for the coaches and assistant coaches.  It is an important role and we always need help, especially for the younger age groups where there are many more players.
  • Memorial Day Tournament – are you a parent of an U10 player?  There are lots of ways to help with this important fundraiser for our club - planning, advertising sales, concessions, etc. To find out more click here and contact one of the tournament directors.


This year we also need volunteers with these specialized skills. Contact us if you're interested.


  • Fundraising – are you an enthusiastic fundraiser?   We need help with our fundraising plan for the Sprague Fields Complex.  If you’ve worked with a non profit or have experience with your PTO or another volunteer organization, we need you!
  • Assistant Treasurer – are you a numbers person?  We need an experienced bookkeeper who knows QuickBooks and who can track our electronic deposits and pay bills. You would work closely with the Treasurer and club administrator to keep accurate books and records and prepare financial reports for the Board and the CPA firm.  Some limited knowledge of accounting is necessary.  This role requires more involvement during the soccer seasons.
  • Communications – are you a marketer looking for a fun side project?  We are seeking someone who can help us define and execute a communications plan to promote the club via advertising and PR.  Someone with experience in marketing, PR or advertising would be ideal.  The activities are ad hoc and mostly around the key fundraising activities and when preparing for the upcoming season.
  • Webmaster – do you know the difference between HTML and java?  Now that our new site is live, we are seeking someone with web experience to be a resource for website questions and site maintenance.  You will coordinate with our vendor on various needs and help define and drive any future site functions. The webmaster will manage the process for access and updating the site as needed.
  • Content Manager/Writer – are you looking for a creative outlet?  We are seeking someone with strong writing skills to help us refine the content on our website, draft emails and create ads.  Someone with a background in education, public relations, journalism or advertising would be perfect.  The projects are ad hoc and will mostly be during the seasons and around our fundraising efforts.


Please let us know how you can help—it only takes a little time each week to make a big impact.  Thank you!

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